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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of a society to see a lecture?

Anyone who is interested in a particular lecture topic may attend as a Visitor. Bookings are essential so please contact your nearest society to make your Booking.  Some societies limit the number of times a Visitor may attend in one calendar year. Find more about Lecture Bookings from your nearest Society

How do I find out what, where and when lectures are happening?

ArtsNational Societies across Australia have a huge range of monthly lecture topics. You can find their Annual Programs listed here -> Societies

Where do the lecturers come from?

Most of our lecturers come from the UK, with others from the USA, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. They are all experts in their field, offer very engaging talks, and provide the opportunity to meet and chat to them after the lecture -> Lectures

Do I have to be an artist to join an ArtsNational society?

Absolutely not! All our members have a wide range of interests and only a few may be ‘artists’. Most are passionate about learning new things and interested in travel, art history, architecture, photography, music, ballet, sculpture, opera, collecting, theatre, and meeting like-minded people -> Societies

I like to travel around Australia. Can I visit other Society lectures?

Members are always welcome at any ArtsNational Society across Australia. It’s a wonderful way to meet new friends, add interest to you holiday and hear a wider range of lectures. All dates and lecture topics are available on each Society webpage -> Societies

How much does it cost to join a society?

Every society has a different Annual Membership Fee. Please contact your nearest society for further information -> Societies

Does ArtsNational engage in Philanthropy?

Most ArtsNational Members actively support the Patricia Robertson Fund, set up in honour of our founder Patricia Robertson.  This fund supports Australian Art Conservation students and experts to further valuable research activities to actively preserve our heritage -> Conservation & Philanthropy

Can I join local and community activities with ArtsNational?

ArtsNational Members and friends participate in many local community activities such as documenting regional heritage buildings and guiding through galleries or buildings of historical interest. Societies also hold regular social outings and events for members -> ArtsNational in the Community

I am only a student. Can I join ArtsNational?

You can definitely join ArtsNational, and at a reduced fee too. Almost every ArtsNational society supports young artists in a wide range of fields through local fundraising. Why not visit your nearest society and take your family and some friends along with you -> Young Arts

There isn’t an ArtsNational Society near me and my friends would be interested in joining too. What should I do?

New societies are opening on a regular basis. Please contact to learn about setting up one near you. You will be supported through the process by the Association of ArtsNational – and make many new friends and have a lot of fun along the way!

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