Young Arts Projects

ArtsNational Young Arts

ArtsNational Young Arts philanthropy enhances arts opportunities for young people in Australia.

ArtsNational Societies offer opportunities to students, young artists and performers in their local area, through grants to individuals, schools and community-based groups. From pre-school to tertiary, city to regional and remote, already skilled or just beginning, in literature, music, dance, photography, design, two or three dimensions, traditional culture and more, ArtsNational helps ensure young people have avenues to discover and develop their abilities, to participate and appreciate the arts by being involved in a variety of ways.

Current ArtsNational Young Arts projects fund:

  • Scholarships to a conservatorium
  • Provision of musical instruments
  • Exhibitions showcasing secondary school student achievements in Visual Arts education
  • Workshops and masterclasses
  • Arts experiences for young people with sensory impairment
  • Arts related opportunities for young people suffering financial disadvantage or geographic isolation
  • Initiatives to preserve the cultural skills and language of indigenous Australians
  • Excursions to museums, galleries and historic buildings

Image: Charlotte Robinson, a 24-year-old emerging expressionist painter who won the 2022 Young Adult Prize from ArtsNational Perth. Read more

Young Arts Funding Makes a Difference

In 2022 over $80,000 was contributed to Young Arts projects across the continent.

Most of our Societies offer a Young Arts program supporting a mix of both individuals and community groups.

For any information about supporting or selecting a Young Arts recipient for your society, please contact

ArtsNational Young Arts Awards

The Pauline Hopkins Cup, plus a $200 bursary, is awarded annually in recognition of an ArtsNational Society that has provided an exciting initiative or outstanding Young Arts program in their community.

The AICCM Innovation Award of $200 will be awarded annually in recognition of an ArtsNational Society judged to have a unique activity featuring advanced and original ideas with creative thinking. AICCM, Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material, is acknowledged as an ArtsNational Associate.

Every ArtsNational Society with a Young Arts program is encouraged to enter the awards.
Please complete the ArtsNational Young Arts Application Form obtainable from: