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THE ARTS SOCIETY (formerly NArtsNational)

The Decorative & Fine Arts Society was the inspiration of the late Mrs Patricia Fay in England,1965. The Chiltern Antiques Group, later to become the Chiltern Society, brought together a small group of people interested in the arts who wished to broaden their knowledge. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE



The first Australian Decorative & Fine Arts Society was formed in Sydney by Mrs Patricia Robertson. Encouraged and assisted by the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies in the UK, ArtsNational Sydney held its first lecture in March 1985.

Other ArtsNational societies were quickly established, leading to the formation of the Association of Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Societies in 1989. There are currently 38 Societies located between Hobart and Cairns and west to Perth.

ArtsNational still enjoys close ties with its UK counterpart, now known as The Arts Society, and draws the majority of its overseas lecturers from the Arts Society Register.

The Association of ArtsNational is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the arts across metropolitan and rural communities. In addition to hosting an annual lecture series many societies hold days of special interest and organize visits to galleries, gardens, historic homes and more. Most societies support arts-related opportunities for young people while many conduct research projects into churches and buildings of cultural and historical significance or guide in historic homes.

The Association also supports young conservators through its Patricia Robertson Fund, named after our founder, which awards annual scholarships to both university students and mid-career conservators.

The ArtsNational story is one of growth and generosity of spirit. The enthusiasm of our volunteers ensures that ArtsNational will continue to thrive, providing members with opportunities to develop their knowledge of the fine arts and to support the preservation of our national artistic heritage.

If you would like your region to enjoy the many benefits that ArtsNational has to offer, please contact